Mission Statement


Colehayes Park is surrounded by incredibly beautiful natural scenery, an environment we do not take for granted and are keen to protect. We work hard to be as environmentally friendly as possible and are committed to long term sustainability goals to reduce our carbon footprint and plastic waste.

Recycling & Plastics

We have been committed to recycling for decades. We recycle 100% of our glass/metal/paper/card & suitable plastics. We do not use plastic straws or plastic water bottles and encourage our guests to bring refillable bottles. Our organic waste goes either into compost or to feed dogs and chickens at the neighbouring farms.

Locally Sourced

All of our weddings and holidays are self-catered but we do recommend numerous local suppliers who strive to serve sustainably-sourced delicious meals. We provide a full catering service to our school groups and ensure that our ingredients are sourced as locally as possible, using higher welfare meat and produce from local farms.

Well Water

Our water comes from our private Dartmoor spring, meaning we are completely self-sufficient. Our spring water is passed through a UV filter system making water from every tap entirely safe to drink.


Our estate’s 20 acres is a haven to rare flora and fauna such as several endemic species of bat and exquisite orchids. We have one of the largest cork oak trees in Britain within the gardens and invest in an arborist to ensure the health of this magnificent specimen. In the early 2000s we restored the Victorian era lake which has now become an oasis for many types of water fowl, dragonflies and various species of fish. Each year we take joy in watching families of nesting geese raise their goslings on an island in the lake and practice their flying skills before their migration.

Future Goals

We are striving to become as self-sustained as possible and are constantly thinking of more ways in which we can help the environment. Our next big project includes producing our own electricity from a hydroelectric generator powered by a waterfall on the premises and a carbon neutral initiative to eliminate our reliance on fossil fuels by switching to biomass energy sourced from a woodchip boiler.